• Widok z Gór Pieprzowych w okolicach Sandomierza, fot. Halina E. Sadecka
    Widok z Gór Pieprzowych w okolicach Sandomierza, fot. Halina E. Sadecka
  • Pasmo Bielińskie zimą, fot. A. Kozicki
    Pasmo Bielińskie zimą, fot. A. Kozicki
  • Ciosowa Góra,Pasmo Tumlińskie, fot. A. Kozicki
    Ciosowa Góra,Pasmo Tumlińskie, fot. A. Kozicki
  • Nad Wisłą w okolicach Nowego, fot. Halina E. Sadecka
    Nad Wisłą w okolicach Nowego, fot. Halina E. Sadecka
  • Góry Pieprzowe w okolicach Sandomierza, fot. Halina E. Sadecka
    Góry Pieprzowe w okolicach Sandomierza, fot. Halina E. Sadecka
Information about the program

"The Świętokrzyskie Mountains Our Future" is a five-year major program led by the Center for Business Promotion and Entrepreneurship (Executing Agency) in partnership with the Świętokrzyskie Province since October 2011 and with the Commune of Dwikozy since September 2014.

The main objective of the Program is to improve the quality of life of inhabitants of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains' region in addition to increasing its tourist appeal through balanced development based on effective use of local resources and local initiatives.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To disseminate information about the potential of identified local resources for the development of business and social initiatives in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains.
  2. To shape behaviors conducive to business and social activity in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains area.
  3. To develop entrepreneurship and social initiatives in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains' area, drawing on local resources.
  4. To disseminate information and popularize assets of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains.

The Program offers a range of educational activities and advisory services for inhabitants as well as direct financial support for nongovernmental organizations, business start-ups and entrepreneurs in four counties (poviats): Kielce, Opatów, Ostrowiec Św. and Sandomierz.

The Program has four sub-programs, independent yet integral to the whole:

  1. Identification of cultural and natural local resources – this sub-program aims at popularizing the potential of recognized local resources to stimulate entrepreneurship and social initiatives
  2. Education – this sub-program aims at shaping behaviors conducive to social and business initiatives in the region
  3. Local Development – this sub- program aims at development of entrepreneurship based on the local resources and initiatives of the local communities
  4. Promotion of Program results – this sub-program aims at dissemination of knowledge about the program and popularization of assets of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains’ region.

Sub-program 1. Identification of cultural and natural local resources focused on identification of local resources of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains’ region was the first activity of the program. These resources are understood as a cultural heritage, material, social, spiritual and natural that can be used for the development of economic activities, local initiatives and educational purposes.

On the basis of field research, collections and archives, museums and literature, in 2012 a catalog titled "List of Key Items. Catalog for the Świętokrzyskie Mountains Region" was developed. The catalog describes some local resources important and inextricably linked with the region that have potential to be creatively transformed and used in economic and social activities appropriate to contemporary needs. It serves as a tool and source of inspiration to those undertaking social initiatives and economic activity implemented under the program.

Sub-program 2. Education – consists of the following projects:

2.1. Business of my Dreams - ICT–based training of youth from eight schools in rural areas aimed to help them acquire knowledge needed to start and operate a business.

2.2. The Świętokrzyskie Business Academy - A training center was established to enable entrepreneurs to upgrade their qualifications, enhance their business skills and prepare strategies for development of their firms.

2.3. Let’s Start our own Business - A series of training workshops focused on preparing participants to start their own businesses.

2.4. Training for Leaders – Improving the potential of local nongovernment leaders was accomplished through a series of trainings on leadership skills, practical management skills and use and preservation of local resources.

Sub-program 3. Local Development consists of five  projects:

3.1. Grants and Subsidies – Direct financial support for NGOs and business start-ups is aimed at stimulating local development. Through calls for proposals, at least 48 NGOs and 60 business start-ups will receive grants by the end of the program. Additionally two fruit and vegetable processing incubators will be established. This activity of a pilot – character will allow for processing fruits and vegetables in conditions satisfying sanitary and epidemiological regulations for products for sale.

3.2. Development Subsidies – Direct investment in micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises will stimulate development and expansion of businesses in operation. It will also support graduates of Świętokrzyskie Business Academy implement the company strategies drawn up during their studies. In total, development subsidies will be awarded to at least 60 entrepreneurs.

3.3. Świętokrzyskie Inns of Taste – A network of regional culinary “tidbits” will promote and facilitate marketing selected local and traditional products. Activities include trainings, conferences and study tours, cookbook publication and outlining a “culinary route,” Świętokrzyskie Inns of Taste, as a tourist offer (project implemented by the Świętokrzyskie Agricultural Extension Office).

3.4. Local Partnerships – To develop a cooperation working model for the benefit of local socio-economic development, meetings for partners representing different sectors interested in cooperation, study visits to successful partnerships in other parts of Poland, and a competition for a “Local network product” will be conducted.

3.5. Study Tours – Visits to Switzerland for program beneficiaries will include training participants, grant and subsidy beneficiaries, local leaders and partnership members. The objective is to share and implement in practice the experience the beneficiaries have acquired, thus enhancing local development.

Program duration: October 2011 – December 2016.

Budget of the „The Świętokrzyskie Mountains our future” program:

The total value of the program: 7.040.278 CHF

Program is supported by a grant of 6.722.265 CHF from Switzerland through the Swiss contribution to the Enlarged European Union. Other sources include contribution of the Center for Business Promotion and Entrepreneurship in Sandomierz, Świętokrzyskie Province and Dwikozy Commune.

The program „The Świętokrzyskie Mountains our future” is being implemented under the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program.

Objective 1: Security, Stability and Support for Reforms

Thematic area 1: Regional development initiatives in peripheral or disadvantaged regions

The Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program was established based on a Framework Agreement signed by the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Swiss Federal Council. Under the stipulations of the Framework Agreement, implementation of the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program shall facilitate reduction of social and economic disparities between Poland and more advanced countries of the enlarged European Union, as well as contribute to the reduction of socio-economic disparities between dynamically developing regions of Poland and peripheral, less developed areas termed: areas of geographic concentration (provinces: Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie, Małopolskie). Moreover, Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program shall impress positively on bilateral cooperation between Poland and Switzerland.

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